STU Emu Basic Tutorial 

(TURN OFF YOUR MOUSE  – please make sure you are using the Arrow Keys on your remote control and you have turned the Mouse function OFF.  This software is not compatible with the Mouse Feature on your remote.  if your mouse feature is turned on, and you click anything you will see a bunch of icons appear on your screen that are NOT clickable.. Simply turn off your Mouse and press the BACK arrow to remove them) 

How to open STB Emu Pro 

From the Main Home Screen (or if STB Emu Pro is not a shortcut on your Main Home Screen, Click on Apps), find and click on the STB Emu Pro icon (Black TV Icon with yellow Star in left corner shown above) 

You will see “Starting Portal” and the screen will go blank, after a few seconds you will see a couple of large yellow Progress Bars as the software connects to the server.  (this takes approx 2 minutes to load) 

(Note: STB Emu will by default open directly to the last channel you were watching, you can press the BACK button a few times to return to the Main Screen of STB Emu) 


The Main Screen of STB Emu has time date and weather in the top right corner, and Scroll-able list of Channel Groups, and Collection of Categories across the bottom of the page.  (Default is TV) 

Categories (To switch between use the LEFT and RIGHT Arrows) 

TV – Live TV Channels 
Video Club – On Demand TV Shows and Movies 
Radio – Radio Stations 
Settings – STB Emu Settings  
Account – Your Account Settings 
Youtube – View Youtube Content 
Media Browser – Access your personal collection of Videos and Music 


To Navigate through the Channels in the TV Category use the UP and DOWN Arrow to select your channel group, Click OK to select the “Channel Group” 

Once you’ve selected a Channel Group, use the UP and DOWN arrows to scroll through the channel list (Page Up and Page Down will work as well -if available on your remote) and Click OK to select the channel (This will update the Preview on screen of that channel) Click OK again to put that channel on Full Screen.   

Use the BACK Button to return to the guide.  

There are Panels on the Far Left and Right of the Screen when looking at the guide page (Channels on the left and preview on the top right with channel line-up below) Click on the Right arrow to see what is on that channel over the course of the week, left to go Back. 

Additional Features 

Channel Categories 

English US – Regional US Channels 
English CA – North American Channels 
English UK – European Channels 
English AU – Australian Channels 
Premium Movies- Live Movie Channels 


You will notice there are 4 colored buttons across the bottom of the Screen while in STB Emu.  These are “FUNCTION KEYS”.   

Function Keys can be accessed by pressing the FN Key on your remote simultaneously with the corresponding Function Key on your remote  

Red - F1 
Green  - F2 (THIS Feature is NOT function on Zoomtak Boxes) 
Yellow - F3 
Blue - F4 

Once selected, use the arrow keys and OK button to select any options 

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If there is an update, follow the prompts, Click UPDATE, CLICK INSTALL and CLICK Done! Simple!

Step by Step guide of how to use IPTV Smarters (software)

Click on the IPTV Smarters Icon

(May be in your Apps Folder accessible from the Home Page)


When you open the IPTV Smarters app you see the USER PROFILES Page – you will have up to 3 user profiles... (depending on what packages you subscribe to)

• All-In Media (Basic Live TV)

• The Vault (Enhanced Live TV)

• All-Access VOD (Video on Demand)

If you go into either of the LIVE TV options, it will bring up the “Main Screen” for IPTV Smarters

Click on “Install EPG” or “Live with EPG” to bring up the guide

• (Centre button on the bottom row of buttons - EPG means Electronic Program Guide)

• These 2 options are in the same location it just changes the name of the button once it is loaded in memory) and it will load the guide..

Once you are in a User Profile (it will tell you which one at the bottom right corner of the screen) you can switch by clicking on the USER PROFILE Switch icon (icon has 2 heads with arrows and is located in the top right corner) it will bring you back to the USER PROFILE page.

If you go into either of the All-Access VOD option, it will bring up the “Main Screen” for IPTV Smarters.

All-Acces VOD – Video On Demand

When using the All-Access VOD - you select the “All-Access VOD” profile from the USER PROFILES page and then select Movies or Series to find the content you want.

(Note: you can search the titles but once you’ve selected Movies or Series, you need to select a Category first before clicking on the Magnifying Glass Icon (Search Tool)


• You will also notice the Expiration Date of that particular User Profile in the bottom left corner – Note this does NOT necessarily reflect YOUR actual Due Date.