Step 1 - ​From the Home Screen on your Box Click on IPTV SmartersT

Step 2 - You will be taken to the Main IPTV Smarters Launch Page 

Note your system my load up to the LIST USERS PAGE - if so - skip to Step 4

Step 4 - Using your ARROW keys on your remote, select the  "All In Media" User and PRESS and HOLD the OK button on your remote to bring up the options drop down menu

Step 6 - You will see a URL that looks like this image

Using the Mouse option on your  Keyboard Remote - place the curser at the end of the URL in the Box.

(NOTE: If you see something different, please STOP HERE and contact your All-In Media Admin to get instructions) 

Step 3 - Click on the Switch User icon in the top right corner of the IPTV Smarters Launch Page

Step 5 - Using the ARROW keys on your remote select EDIT and click OK on your remote

Now click on SAVE & LOGIN 

And your LIVE TV should load up just fine!


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Step 7 - Using your Keyboard remote (or the on screen keyboard) press the BACK Arrow to delete the ":8000/" from the URL

It should now look like this image

(BACK ARROW is located in the bottom right corner of the keyboard on our keyboard remotes)