How fast does my Internet connection need to be?

We recommend a minimum of 10 mbps for optimal results.  It is important to remember that there is often a difference between your "actual" download speeds, and the speed that appears on your Internet Providers statement. Downloading a free app called "Ookla" will allow you to measure your "Actual" speeds.

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Do You guarantee the quality of the streams?

Unlike paid serviaces such Netflix, Crave. and Shomi, which regulate the speeds of their delivery servers, the resolution and availability of their selected streams, your HDMI box accesses streams that are "not regulated".  Although, most streams are very quick and excellent quality on your HDMI Box, you may experience streams that vary in quality and availability.  This is normal with online streaming. 

Is the HDMI Box


Yes!  Your new HDMI box can travel with you, allowing you to enjoy your favorite online streams, wherever you are! Excellent for Business trips, ideal for students who are away at College or University, or even while travelling south for the winter!  

All you need is a Television and an internet connection.  

Because of it's small size and easy installation, you will always have a world of entertainment at your fingertips!

If I have more than 1 TV will I need more than 1 HDMI Box?

Yes, Each HDMI Box is designed to connect to only one TV set.  Many of our customers have started with one box for their main TV, and have purchased addition HDMI Boxes for their other TV sets throughout their home. Having more than one box in your home allows for each family member to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, or live sports where they want to enjoy them.

What is "Buffereing"

and can I fix it?

Buffering means the same as "Loading" sometimes your HDMI Box may need a moment to load the content, in order to ensure a steady stream. This happens when the source that you are trying to load does not have enough bandwidth to deliver the stream, or your internet connection is not fast enough.  Many times selecting a different source to stream will resolve the first of these two reasons.  For the second reason, you may need to check your internet connection and/or clear the cache on your HDMI Box.

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Should I connect with Wifi or Ethernet?

HDMI boxes are considered to be HARDWIRED Devices, although they will work on both Wifi as well as a direct Ethernet connection.  We always recommend a direct Ethernet connection when using your HDMI box, as this will give you the highest internet speeds possible on your internet connection.  Once you switch to Wifi, internet providers typically only guarantee up to 60% of thier speeds.

Is Streaming Legal?

Yes!  Streaming content from the internet on your HDMI Box is 100% legal in Canada.  The guidelines for this are very clear.  

  • Your HDMI Box does not retain a digital copy of any copyrighted material
  • The CRTC does not monitor, nor regulate any content generated or originating from outside of Canada
  • You are paying for unlimited Internet access through your Internet Provider, and due to Net Neutrality laws in Canada, you have fair and equal access to all websites.