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Precautions and safety information regarding CoVid19

The HDMI Family has some awesome news to share! As of Monday, July 13th Strathroy Audio Video will officially be reopening their doors following the temporary closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and HDMI has been invited back to open our kiosk as of the same date!

This will allow us to provide all of our support, services and products out of the store, which will eliminate the need for porch pick up/drop offs and ensure a safe, easy transaction for all customers.

However, given that Covid-19 is still a world wide pandemic and our number one priority is the safety of both HDMI and Strathroy Audio Video staff and customers, service out of Strathroy Audio Video may look a little different then usual. Please note the following restrictions that will be in place until further notice (no exceptions):

A ) Regarding payment, these are our available options until further notice:

1. Etransfers - getallinmedia@gmail.com for All in Media or All Access payments and shophdmi@gmail.com for HDMI services (reprogrammings, updates) and products (boxes, remotes)
2. Credit card- through phone or private message or in person at the store
3. Cash- dropped off to us in an envelope with your name and product/service being paid for
4. Cheques- cheques for All in Media must be for 6+ months of payment, and the total must be in one cheque (post-dated cheques will no longer be accepted for the safety of HDMI staff to reduce both potential loss and increased risk of exposure at banks)
5. Cheques- for HDMI will only be accepted with the purchase of a box (ie: $200+), to reduce the necessity of going to banks, again for the safety of HDMI staff
6. Debit- we can now accept payment in the form of debit ONLY through tap

B ) For every customers safety:

1. No leaving/returning for product- in order to minimize traffic, we will be completing service on the box(es) before the customer leaves the store to ensure that no possible cross-contamination occurs
2. Limited people (1 customer at a time) will be allowed at the counter at a time- Please limit to only one individual per family being in the store at the same time
3. Minimal cash acceptance- if you can use alternative payment options, please do so (see above)
4. No returns on remotes will be accepted at all (this is a removal of the previous one day policy)
5. All support will be encouraged to be done online/through remote service to reduce the necessity of in-store support
6. Hands should be sanitized before and after handling product as well as when you exit and enter the store
7. Sanitize hands before and after handling cash (see Policy #6)
8. There will be zero physical contact with customers- including not taking anything directly from them, instead product and cash/cheques will be put on the counter instead
9. Strict hours- any after hour support will be done through the website and facebook groups only, now that we have an operating site opened again
10. Social distancing will be mandatory at all times until further notice
11. Masks MUST be worn inside Strathroy Audio Video at ALL TIMES. This is a mandatory policy and NO service will be provided to anyone who enters the store without one.

These policy changes have been put it place to protect everyone as much as possible and there will be a zero tolerance policy for anyone who breaks these rules.

We apologize for any inconvienance and are excited to be back up and running with our awesome partners at Strathroy Audio Video!

The HDMI Family