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HDMI Scope of Service

HDMI would like to provide our customers with a clear scope of our services with regard to support.

1. We provide support and troubleshooting for the hardware we sell. We strive to provide the fastest, best built and most reliable and reputable hardware available. Our HDMI Boxes come with a 1 year warranty, on going troubleshooting and diagnostic assistance. 
2. Our 1 year warranty applies to hardware defect and does not cover power surge or misuse.
3. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their HDMI Box is protected by using a surge protection power bar. 
4. Our remote controls are protected for hardware defect only. (Due to the nature of a remote control, and the fact they are fragile and portable...HDMI offers exchange only if requested within the first 24 hours (as a single drop, pressing too hard on the buttons, forceful misuse of the charging jack are not covered and we only cover manufacturers defect. Feel free to always ask to "test" the remote when purchasing.
5. HDMI is NOT responsible for how you connect your internet to the HDMI box. (We always recommend a direct Network or Ethernet Cable connection). If your internet is too slow, not stable enough for streaming or you are unable for whatever reason to connect the box directly to your router. Please contact your Internet Provider
6. HDMI does not offer support for Internet Services, Routers or wifi connections. (If you are having issues with your HDMI box, and you are running wifi, this is an internet issue and you will be asked to contact your internet provider)
7. HDMI offers tips, strategies, recommendations, basic troubleshooting for some of the software available for your HDMI box. This is a customer service and as we are not the developers and can not control the quality nor the availability of streams... our ability to resolve common streaming issue such as buffering, freezing or availability of streams is limited and we will do our best to provide all of the known solutions, recommendations or fixes that are within your/our control. 
8. HDMI does not host or have possession of, any digital content available through the software we support, and therefore are not responsible for the content itself, nor the availability of, or the quality of said content.
9. HDMI has put in place multiple resources which are readily and freely available to all of our customers. our Facebook group is available 24/7 and is an excellent interactive resource, as well our website (shophdmi.com) has been fully updated to provide our customers with a wealth of information. The time and energy put into development of these resources is intended to provide our customers with the most up to date and informative solutions for their HDMI box. If you post a question on our Facebook pages and that question has been answered we will tag you in the related post and remove your post (keeping the forum clear and easy to use). There is a search option in the group to quickly find the information you need, please use this feature and you will find the information you are looking for.
10. HDMI will not tolerate rude or aggressive customers, we are doing everything we can, and if it takes us some time to resolve your issue, a simple follow up with us is all that is required. 
11. We ask that as HDMI is evolving that patience is used and we will to our best to answer all inquiries within 2 business days.
12. We believe entertainment should not be stressful, but also believe that "Television Emergencies" do NOT exist.
13. Office hours for support are currently 10am-8pm Monday through Friday. And are subject to change.

We hope that this will help clarify the scope of what HDMI offers and will be of benefit to each of our customers.

Thank you and Happy Streaming

The HDMI Family

HDMI is a family run company, based in Strathroy, Ontario. 

HDMI actually started out as a "fund raiser" to help raise the necessary money to cover the out of pocket costs of my daughter, Elisia's braces and dental surgery.  I was working as a PSW at the time and did not have access to a benefit package to cover these costs.  Through the amazing support of strangers, we managed to not only cover these costs, but also completely transform my daughters life.  

Elisia needed dental surgery which included breaking her lower jaw, and bringing it forward half an inch! (OUCH!) Prior to this surgery she was subjected to a lifetime of bullying, and had difficulty speaking, including performing life's most basic tasks like chewing food.  After the surgery, Elisia's self confidence skyrocketed...  she was able to overcome so many obstacles that stood in her way, and she has received a whole new lease on life!  This was only possible thanks to the amazing customers who invested in us, and our company!  

HDMI was founded with the simple goal of helping families save money while enjoying the unlimited entertainment available through the internet. With a strong focus on family values,  honesty and exceptional customer service.

HDMI has helped many families realize thousands of dollars worth of savings, and enjoy a more customized entertainment experience!