If there is an update, follow the prompts, Click UPDATE, CLICK INSTALL and CLICK Done! Simple!

Introducing Cinema TV 

Please follow the instructions below... we've made this as simple as possible...

To install Cinema (HD Movies)

1. Open your browser (Web) on your android box and navigate to:


and hit enter.

Click on the Cinema button to download the app)

(Note: you should see "Download Started")

Return to your home page, and click on apps
select File Browser and navigate to Local Disk - Downloads

2. Install Cinema TV

Select the file that is called "Cinema-XXX.apk" (XXX - is the current version number)
click Install, and Done when finished.

Remember - Always Allow or Accept any Permissions as this will ensure the app functions properly.Type your paragraph here.

How to install Cinema  on your

HDMI Android TV Box

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Step by Step guide of how to use IPTV Smarters (software)

Click on the IPTV Smarters Icon

(May be in your Apps Folder accessible from the Home Page)


When you open the IPTV Smarters app you see the USER PROFILES Page – you will have up to 3 user profiles... (depending on what packages you subscribe to)

• All-In Media (Basic Live TV)

• The Vault (Enhanced Live TV)

• All-Access VOD (Video on Demand)

If you go into either of the LIVE TV options, it will bring up the “Main Screen” for IPTV Smarters

Click on “Install EPG” or “Live with EPG” to bring up the guide

• (Centre button on the bottom row of buttons - EPG means Electronic Program Guide)

• These 2 options are in the same location it just changes the name of the button once it is loaded in memory) and it will load the guide..

Once you are in a User Profile (it will tell you which one at the bottom right corner of the screen) you can switch by clicking on the USER PROFILE Switch icon (icon has 2 heads with arrows and is located in the top right corner) it will bring you back to the USER PROFILE page.

If you go into either of the All-Access VOD option, it will bring up the “Main Screen” for IPTV Smarters.

All-Acces VOD – Video On Demand

When using the All-Access VOD - you select the “All-Access VOD” profile from the USER PROFILES page and then select Movies or Series to find the content you want.

(Note: you can search the titles but once you’ve selected Movies or Series, you need to select a Category first before clicking on the Magnifying Glass Icon (Search Tool)


• You will also notice the Expiration Date of that particular User Profile in the bottom left corner – Note this does NOT necessarily reflect YOUR actual Due Date.